Sync S3 Buckets with Redshift

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Lodr bucket loader

Automatically sync S3 buckets with Redshift. No ETL pipelines, data profiling, or type resoultion. Lodr eliminates bad data and creates optimized tables in Redshift. Lodr can be configured to group files into tables based on S3 object key structures. Weeks of ETL work can be automated in minutes.

One customer is using Lodr to auto sync user uploaded files on an hourly basis. Users would upload files into specific S3 buckets which gets copied into Redshift by Lodr. These users are not aware of Lodr or our serverless data processing engine. They simply get fast results!

Another customer uses the Bucket Loader to sync data processed through a Kinesis firehose. This data arrives in a highly partitioned date structure down to the minute level. For example, a series of files might have the key daily-activity/2017/06/17/13/1/activity.log and can be auto loaded into a table called daily_activity or daily_activity_2017 and so on.

Every step along the way could be customized with additional data transformations if necessary.

Lodr is simply the fastest way to get data loaded into Redshit. Watch the tutorial:

How it Works

  1. Connect your S3 Bucket
  2. Go to Navigation > More > Bucket Loaders
  3. Click on New Bucket Loader
  4. Choose your Bucket and target Database
  5. Choose a File Mapping Type

See Detailed Instructions.

You can load 10K rows per month for free or upto 2 Million rows for $19! Own your data destiny.