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Best AI Content Writing Software & Article Generator Tools in 2022

AI writing tools have certainly taken off in the last few months. If you’d have said to people a couple of years ago that AI would be slowly creeping into the daily workflows of content writers, it’d sound far-fetched.

It’s hard to imagine something actually replacing the most mundane tasks you can face when writing, or even planning, content. The good news is, GPT-3 has made particular inroads into this, enabling companies to innovate and release ever-improving AI copywriting tools that churn out high-quality content for an affordable price. Whether it’s creating an automated article, or simply providing inspiration by suggesting different headlines and outlines, these tools can seriously upgrade your copywriting game. Improving your latest blog post, social media posts or long-form content are just clicks away.

How do AI writer tools work?

AI writer tools work by using natural language processing (NLP) tools to generate writing without a human doing the typing.

All of these tools will require input from you, though. A title, subject, etc. Once you’ve decided these, and submitted them to the tool, it will get to work. Most AI writing software will then go ahead and generate content based on your (small) inputs, but interestingly it does something that might make you squirm: it generates the (new) content by analyzing all the existing content on the web. But don’t worry, it is fresh and plagiarism-free. You can think of them as AI writers at your disposal!

What types of content can I create with AI?

Let’s face it, you want high-quality content. There’s no point spending almost as much time editing as you would have writing it yourself. Most of the tools have one thing in common, that they will not generate a full blog post (blog content) or automated article. Many get close, but personally, the outline generation is going to be most valuable when you first get started.

You can think of your AI content generator as more of a writing assistant, giving you ideas and doing grunt work (keyword research for example) without having to ask for it. Churning out high-quality content is going to get much easier when you can focus on just that, so take away some of the research or upfront work!

AI Copywriting Limitations

In the digital world, the AI writing tool is not able to provide originality. These people are feeding them articles and material they wrote by human copywriters. AI cannot emulate human emotions in marketing. While it’s great for bulk projects, you can’t find AI tools useful for creating more emotive posts that require a personal touch and true creative thought. AI tools don’t help to learn words and aren’t very accurate. Although the writing generally makes grammatical sense, you must edit out any mistakes and awkward wording. I take that AI is not a substitute for the human production of content.